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Dell business laptop sold between 2011-2012. These laptops typically ship with a Intel Core i5 and Windows 7 Pro.

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Why does my device hibernate when it is fully charged

i tried reinstalling the system and updating my win 10 to the latest version and i tried changing the adapter

it hibernates like 5 to 10 minutes after it is fully charged

i went to settings and i put never to hibernate when plugged in

but the problem stilled

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Is the BIOS the latest version?

Also are you trying to install or have installed Win 10 Version 2004?

There are a lot of problems with this update version and general advice on the net is to go back to Win 10 1909 until MS solves them which may take a while apparently.



i don't know about the BIOS

i didn't try to install win version 2004 i have 1909 and it is up to date


Hi @Auss JB ,

Try the following to see if you can track it down.

Clean Boot with the Microsoft Config Utility

To perform a Clean Boot using the Microsoft Config Utility on the System, use the following steps:

From the Search Box, type msconfig and press Enter.

Click the Startup tab. Click Disable all and click Apply.

Click the Services tab. Check the box that says Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable all.

Restart the System and check if the issue is resolved.

If it is still present, repeat the steps above to reenable all services and startup items. Start looking at the program, driver, or device for the issue.

If the issue is not present, you must re enable services and startup items one by one until the cause of the issue is identified.

This procedure is critical in avoiding unnecessary Operating System reinstalls. This process is temporary and is needed to check to see if a Startup Item or Service is causing the issue.

To return the Boot Process to a Normal Startup In MSCONFIG.

From the Search Box, type msconfig and press Enter.

Click the General tab.

Click Normal startup.

Click OK.

Click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer.


@jayeff in startup tab there are no items but in the services tab there are a lot of things so i did the disable all in the services tab but a lot of things crashed like sound, wireless, one drive ....etc

so i re enabled all and my device didn't hibernate in 5 minutes like usual but hibernated after like an hour or two after it is fully charged


Hi @Auss JB

Try going to Windows Start button (left side of Taskbar) > Settings > Troubleshoot > Power > Run the Troubleshooter and check if it finds any problems


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@Auss JB, as per @jayeff , consider your BIOS needs updating but I’m really curious. Are you sure it’s going into “hibernation” mode or “standby” mode and not powering off because:

a) your power supply isn’t providing proper power

b) your battery isn’t holding a charge.

c) your power connector on your laptop isn’t broken down?

Have you tried running a live CD linux distribution to see if it does the same thing?

Does it power off regardless of being used or not?

Does it power off or hibernate? (How do you know)

Have you tried to use Windows without the battery plugged in?

It is also possible your battery is going bad and the machine shuts down to avoid overcharging the battery.

Lastly, it could be your CPU overheating and you need to clean out the fins and/or change the thermal paste on the CPU/heatsink.

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@dunc hi

first i know it is hibernation because when the device goes off it tells me that it is hibernating and when i turn it on again everything stays the same

i didnt try linux but i tried different versions of windows 10 and it all did the same and i also tried two types of chargers and also did the same

yes it hibernates regardless of being on or in sleep mode

yes of course i tried using the device without the battery plugged in and the battery is doing ok and stays 2 hours without plugging in

no it is not the CPU overheating cause it hibernates when it is in sleep mode

finally i tried a lot of things and i think the problem is the BIOS version and i have not tried to update it because i didnt have time because of my exams

i will try to update it and i will keep you in touch

thank you for your help


Great! Be safe and let us know how it goes. I'm real curious if Linux does the same symptoms so if you can try that please do. As for your BIOS, you can revert to "stock" settings on the last EXIT page (usually). We will look forward to your responses to help in the future.


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