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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size (and later compact) car produced by Pontiac. The 1999-2005 generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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Why does my car shake?

what would make my car to shake ?

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My car also shakes really bad in drive, but stops when I accelerate(2005 pontiac grand am)


03 pontiac grand am se 3.4 v6...is has bad vibratiin i front when breaks applied...breaks and egr has been replaced recently...can someone help me pin point problem has been told it could be rotors...bearings...drive axle...tirods...thank u


I have a Pontiac Grand Am GT 02 when driving my car the motor Shake can anyone please tell me what's the problem is it only have a hundred and thirty-nine thousand miles


2002 v6 also shakes fiercely when accelerating but stops when you let off the gas. Any ideas on what it is and a solution?


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Is there a particular part of your car that is shaking? If your steering wheel is shaking (especially during braking) you could need new brakes. If your car seems to vibrate a lot at high speeds you may have a bent wheel. If your car shakes when you're driving on bumpy roads, well, you're driving on a bumpy road. Help us help you, and please give us some more information about the problem.

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My 2002 pontiac grand am gt it has a hard time turning on and when i do get it on the whole engine shakes bad does any body have answers to waht i should look at do to fix it


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I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am with 200000 miles on it. Recently I have been getting bad vibrations when driving, especially at acceleration. It started with just when the car was at idle or when I just started driving. So if you have that issue, fix it as soon as you can. I had replaced a EGR valve. My car was giving me engine codes for it and the Mass Air Control. THe MAC code went away after. The shaking continued but was less aggressive. I know now, that this issue is either caused by a bad fuel injector or a bad spark plug causing my random misfiring cylinder. Fix ASAP so you don't lock up your engine. I am ASE Certified in Engine Repair, so I hope this assists someone having the same issues I had experienced (:

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