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The Dell Latitude E6400 was Dell's mainstream corporate 14.1" notebook introduced in August 2008.

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Screw size or where can I get screws?

I recently acquired a Dell Latitude E6400, I dropped an SSD into it, changed the keyboard and Installed windows 10 on it. It is working like a champ, ofcourse I won’t be doing any gaming or major editing on it.

The issue is that the SSD connectors are a little looser than the old HDD connectors, hence the SSD easily slips out or doesn’t maintain connection. The original screws that would hold the HDD in place where not with the laptop which is why I need to know what screw size or where I can get the screws to hold the SSD in place correctly.

I’d also like the screw for the DVD player also if possible. After my long description, let me boil it down.

I need the screw size or where I can get the screws for my Dell Latitude E6400, that hold:

  • the SSD
  • the DVD tray

in place. They are the screws that are used once the bottom cover is in place. Please see image provided.

Block Image

Thank you in advance

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I found the answer to the SSD screws, it is m3 x 3mm screws. However I'd still like to get the answer to the security screw for the DVD drive.


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hdd… see pg 51 for start…read on

dvd… see pg 71 for start… read on

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