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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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Computer always "stays charged" after 2 iFixit batteries @mayer


Needing help with this Mid 2009, 17” Macbook Pro that always shows "100% Charged" and shows a green light on the charger (sometimes briefly flashes to 0%) even after 2 iFixit battery replacements. It immediately shuts down when it gets unplugged and won’t function as a laptop. If an SMC reset is done, this issue (dying when unplugged) will temporarily go away, but return once it’s powered on/off several times.

I’m including a photo from coconutBattery that is showing yet another issue: 32,768 Battery Cycles (this number also is viewable from the “battery status” section of the MacBook’s settings). 32,768 also is the same amount of mAh that this battery holds on a full charge! Not sure what that means?!?!

Block Image

I appreciate y’all’s help with this, thank you.

Euell @Mayer

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I think Louis rossman on YouTube fixed this. Can't remember exactly but believe it was a resistor that broke/poor quality, basically severing computer connection to the battery

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Clumsy: Thank you for your input. I briefly skimmed through his videos, and may have found the one of which you speak.

Mayer: I hooked up the new, second battery from iFixIt and it is indeed showing the correct data on coconutBattery (mfd 2019, 9709mAh/64.1%, 1 Cycle)...

At this point, I believe the battery needs to be tested to see if the MBP possibly has a "broken resistor", which we'll do over the next several days to confirm whether this is the issue or bad batteries.

FYI: We had success when we plugged in the first iFixIt battery, but it didn't take long for the computer to begin displaying the troubles we are diagnosing... hopefully it will be the same with this battery installation, if it's the same issue.

Thank you for the help!


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As per our phone conversation, let me know the results of the PRAM reset.

32768 is the maximum value for a 16-bit signed integer.

Try disconnecting the battery, do the SMC reset then connect the battery and re-run Coconut Battery.

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Thank you.

I did the PRAM Reset - results are the same. Dead computer.

Just did a SMC Reset - same result. Will disconnect battery, perform SMC Reset again & send CB’s results!


Disconnected the battery and did the SMC Reset - same results (old date and 32768 cycles).


@ebeard4 Got a response from the Rossman group and they believe it is a circuit on the logic board. email me at rmayerii@icloud.com and I will forward the quote to you.


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