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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Intermittent flickering vertical and horizontal lines

I'm getting flickering horizontal and vertical lines. Sometimes this issue stops when changing between apps in the Roku menu and the TV can be used as normal until the power is turned off, sometimes the issue is constant and nothing stops it. Putting pressure on the frame around the screen doesn't affect it. TV has not been dropped or damaged, and this issue didn't start until a couple years after purchase.

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Clean the dust out from back of T.V and check the HDMI cord and all cords going in


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This will probably be too late to do much good now, but in case anyone else comes across the same problem. My TCL 55P605 TV started having this same problem last week. After doing some research, I took a gamble and purchased a new T-Con board for $25. It only took about 10 minutes to install (remove the back panel, unhook three cables and 4 screws, then reverse) and so far, the TV has been back to working like normal.

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Thank you so much for this suggestion! A new T-Con board seems to have fixed the issue, and was just as inexpensive and easy to replace as you said it would be.


How to know if the tcon is for my TCL 55” C6 model?


Can anyone provide a link to the T-Con board?


@bethzilla Would you mind providing link to T- Con Board?


@sebastian2713 I would if I still had the link - sorry! It was several months ago, and I've purged my email since then.


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try this, it worked for me: 


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This is the legit solution! same problem with the vertical lines and it's work great! I have a TLC Roku 43" with the board that contain T-Con integrated.


Am having Horizontal line on my Tv and don’t no why this thing happened


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@bethzilla … the horizontal lines and double image flickering is caused only by a failed/failing tab gate driver on the lcd panel. to correct properly would be uneconomical to do so as the displays are the majority of a cost of a tv. you can try this method here to see if it helps:


alternatively, you can disassemble the unit to gain access to the displays tabs and gently touch them to try and illicit a response. if one or many change the display at any point, you can try to use some foam to apply pressure when reassembled. follow this guide here:


to be honest, these attempts almost never clear the issue. (sometimes with less severe cases it works) youre looking at a new set i.m.o.

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