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Is my Gateway 2000 P4D-66 fixable? board was smoking

I accidentally put my really old Intel processor in wrong in my really old Gateway 2000 P4D-66 and it started smoking from the CPU voltage pins.

On closer inspection, the plastic jumpers had been melted to the pins and I was only able to get half of one of the jumpers to crumble off. They were on 5 volts. Also one of the pin holes on the socket was burnt and melted. Only one.

I really want to repair this board but i don’t know if it is fixable without thousands of dollars or fixable at all. This specific computer was made in 1995 but uses 1992 microprocessors. I think this is a development board but I am not completely sure. Needs a really old HDD and OS. I had to get a new clock battery for it but it wouldn’t even boot to MS-DOS because it still said needed a HDD. When I first got it as a gift, I tried to fix it but gave up after the CPU stopped responding. Then got it back out 6 months later and must have tried to find another processor for it and put the CPU back in wrong. Then 1 year later, i decided to fire it up (outside the case luckily) and I saw it smoking and a red light from the CPU voltage pins. (this red light was NOT an LED). I shut it down and put it away for about a month but couldn’t get my mind off it so I decided to search for an answer. I couldn’t get an answer that fit exactly so I decided to ask the question myself. I think the computer has 16 bit architecture but not sure. The CPU did not give me any information on what it was but it was old.

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Take it to an electronics recycling centre, if you have one in your area.

It is totally unfixable.

You will have destroyed even the traces sandwiched in the layers of the motherboard.

Sorry but always check and double check everything you do with electronics.

Carpenters do the same with measuring the wood they are working with.

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