Bluetooth headphones work for a minute then stop!

I have recently just built my own PC ( On Win 10) and everything works great. But bluetooth is being really weird, I connect my headphones (Sony Wh1000-XM3) via bluetooth and everything is fine. The problems start when I am playing any games, I open the game up, everything is fine and I have audio, If i click out to check notifiations from eg discord (Using Alt + Tab), the sound completely goes, even all the system sounds go. The headphones are still showing as connected and haven’t alerted me themselves that they have been disconnected, so I check the audio volumes for the different applications and sounds, all of which are normal too. Although if I go onto something like youtube on chrome and tab out, all audio continues normally.

All bluetooth and audio drivers are up to date as well.

Please help, its really bugging me.

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Have you tried using a wired headset (analogue or USB) to see if problem still occurs?


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