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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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Faint black lines on grey screen

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. I had it connected to a samsung lcd tv through the hdmi port to watch movies. Last week I connected the hdmi lead but the tv didn’t detect a signal. So I tried a system reboot. The screen on the laptop lights up as in you can see the back light working but thats the limit to it. I then connected it to an external monitor and it work fine through there. I replaced the inverter still nothing. I removed the screen for easy access to the inverter. I booted the machine up while it was still open. It appears the back light is working. so I have the laptop reassembled. When I boot up I can see very very faint horizontal black lines set against a charcoal grey screen. so I know it’s not the inverter not sure if having the laptop connected to the tv through the hdmi has burnt something out. If anyone has any ideas as I am praying it’s not the screen. really can’t afford a new screen at the moment. Any help at all guys would be very much appreciated

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I had been connecting the laptop to the tv for a few days through the hdmi. everything as working great. then not sure if i had turned the tv off first or the laptop first with the hdmi lead still inserted to both. but when i rebooted the laptop the following day the screen was unresponsive. I could see the screen light up. like i said very faintly with the faint horizontal black lines set against a charcoal grey screen. I thought instantly the hdmi had burnt out something on the system board. But then when I connected it to a pc monitor I was able to view everything on it fine. I still can't get anything through the hdmi to the tv. this is what is leaning me towards something on the board. I have looked at new lcd screens and it would cost apprpx £65 it is a bit of a gamble if it is not that. hence the reason I want to exhaust every other option first. Hope this information helps. Again guys thanks for your help.


it is nothing to do with window's. I have the lcd set up in windows correctly. It is the default screen. If that was the problem then I would see the Dell logo on booting the machine. But as I've said the screen does not display anything bar the faint black lines. It is only when I connect to an external monitor do i see anything.


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Turn the computer off, hold down the letter "D" and while still holding down the letter "D" turn the computer back on and see if you can run the LCD diagnostics. If solid colors are displayed on the screen than the LCD is fine, the problem would be the graphics chip on the motherboard itself more than likely. Another way to access this test is to press F12 numerous times when you see the Dell Logo. That will bring up the boot menu. From the boot menu select diagnostics, when it displays the color bars and asks you if can see them, tell it no so that it runs the LCD test and see if you see the solid colors that way. I honestly don't think it is the LCD panel, I'm leaning more towards the motherboard myself.

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I can tell you I wrestled with this problem for ages. I had this start at some point without much warning and I thought I was losing my mind. I reinstalled XP, then I installed Vista, then I tried to run all sorts of driver, generic, nVidia, nothing helped. The computer would start, the screen would be grey or show vertical stripes along it. I knew it was not a screen issue because twisting the LCD did not appear to make any changes, I also knew it wasn't the initial wiring because I checked the connection about 50 times along the way.

What I ended up doing is.

1.) I took apart the laptop as per Dell's instructions online, there are several steps, about 20 screws, it's not difficult if you are brave enough to do it. It's very difficult to break anything in a laptop unless you are especially forceful and careful to unscrew everything before prying things open.

2.) I took off the heating core for the Intel Processor and the nVidia chip as well.

They are two long copper tubes leading to a very fine heating core which combines beside the fan. The whole thing needed a bit of dusting so I naturally did that.

3.) I carefully cleaned the top of both processors, they have a very smooth surface which is supposed to flawlessly contact a heating distributor and carry the energy out into the fan, there was a grey insulating paste protecting the chips edges but it had gotten between the core and the copper, causing lack of transferrance. Do not leave any oil or residue on the chip unless you want your computer to turn into a bacon pan.

4.) I replaced the heating core and placed a copper coin (penny or whatever) on top of both heating distributors where the chips would be, I put a tiny piece of hockey tape to keep it from wiggling, this is to create more pressure onto the chip as well as a little bit more room for the heat to distribute through the air. It worked perfectly, my chip slowly recovered and I am playing Starcraft 2 on it without a hitch.

I'm glad I got through this, it's not the end of the world !

5.) I said a little prayer.

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The problem with the black line wasn't when you was connected to a TV right?

Replace the lcd panel? If it isn't the inverter, it should be the lcd screen (panel).

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