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Identified by model number P774A-GR.

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Why doesen't the touch screen work?

My old clickN play tablet will turn on and charge but the touch screen is broken like it will not register my finger. Does anyone know why?

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Could be a lot of things. Did you dropped it? Could also be a cable which stopped working. Perhaps something in the touchscreen snapped. Anyway, you should replace the touchscreen to get it back to working again, I’m affraid.

Good news: The LCD and Touchscreen assembly are not fused! So this will reduce the costs dramatically.

Guide for how to replace the touchscreen:

ClickN Kids Tablet Touch Screen Display Replacement

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Hey I took it apart and saw the surface screen have split along the side so I thinks that is what is causing to trouble.

Do you know were I could get one? I've looked like everywhere and still can't find one.


Hi! Do you mean the touchscreen? Anyway, you probably can find them here: https://www.actablet.com/digitizer-touch...


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