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Angekündigt im August 2017. Das Galaxy Note8 ist der Nachfolger des durch Rückruf bekannten Galaxy Note7. Erhältlich war das Note8 im September 2017.

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Charging paused - temperature too low

I’ve ordered a new NFC wireless charging coil plus the plastic plate that it’s attached to. I hope this fixes it. Does anybody know if it will?

It started happening after I put adhesive under the charging coil to keep it stuck on and also another part of the coil which doesn’t seem to connect to anything. I doubt I damaged the actual board; I hope not, it’s $100 used!!

The other part of the coil I’m referring to:

Block Image

== Update (07/25/2020) SOLVED ==

Replacing the NFC Charging coil fixed it! Woohoo!

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NFC charging coil was the culprit!

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Usually temperature issues are related to the temperature sensor on the Galaxies. If I’m not mistaken, it has pins underneath it that just make contact. If you don’t apply a little but of pressure or put the screws in around that area, it won’t communicate with the sensor.

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