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Am 20. September 2019 hat Apple das neueste iPhone angekündigt. Der Nachfolger des iPhone XR hat ein 6,1 Zoll LCD-Touchscreen, ein neues Zwei-Kamera-System und ist in sechs verschiedenen Farben erhältlich.

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No service on my iPhone

I recenty bought an almost unused iPhone 11 that had a screen issue. I changed the screen myself and everything seemed to work workperfectly when I assembled it together.

The only issue i’m having is that my iPhone keeps saying no service. it may have one dot for maybe 5 seconds when turning flight mode on/off or when I reboot the device, but after 10 seconds or so it says no service. In cellular settings I can confirm it is the right network, and it reads the sim. I get asked for the pin code when putting it in.

I have also tried another SIM card in my device and its still the same issue. I tried using my sim on my older phone, and it works in that device.

So i’m guessing it is a hardware issue or something like that. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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Since it is asking for a sim pin, the device is “locked” (not actually, but functionally) from your network. If you have Sprint (or I guess TMobile now) your sim needs to be “activated” for that device on their end.

You can do this from the website in many cases as long as you can provide the imei number and the number from the SIM card.

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