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LTE-Version des iPad Mini 3. Es wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt und ist der Nachfolger des iPad mini 2.

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Possible to replace ipad mini 3 logic board with one from a mini 2?

Hi, i got an ipad mini 3 with touch problems, thinking i would replace the digitizer and be done with it. When replacing i noticed that the problem was with the fpc connector, and since I do not have the micro soldering capacities to deal with it, I was thinking if it was possible to replace the logic board with one from a mini 2, and use a mini 2 digitizer.

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No. You can't replace the logic board from one ipad to another unless they are the same model. Same thing with batteries, charging ports, etc.. why would apple want to make parts interchangeable. It's a bad business model if you want to sell new ones. Apple doesn't even make it easy to repair them.

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