Image suddenly stopped showing up but back light still works

Hello. I was watching a video when suddenly the image stopped working, sound still worked for a while before i panicked and put it to sleep then woke it again. I tried soft resetting it but that does not seem to work(i’m not sure if it actually went into a soft reset). I’ve also tried reattaching the screen, but that didn’t work either.

Here are some other things about it behaviour:

  • It does seem to charge. It draws power from the wall and the back-light lights up when plugged in, but it makes no sound.
  • It appears on find my iPhone, on my iPhone but it isn’t able to play a sound. It location can show as “2 minutes ago” but its online it shows up as “not connected”. It seems to have something to do with Bluetooth. The iPad is a WiFi + cellular device but seems that it isn’t connecting to the internet. My router doesn’t detect a connection. but Bluetooth works
  • The touch screen works still seems to work
  • The ambient light sensor still works. back-light does get brighter or dimmer depending on lighting conditions.

It happened really suddenly. So I’m am really hoping its not a hardware issue. I am on the ios 14 beta, could it be that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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