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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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LCD Screen Broken? Weird Colors - Examples Inside Post

Out of the blue my old iPad Air 2 suddenly shifted colors. It was not dropped, bent or similar when it happened.

It looks like it’s struggling with gradient colors. Cartoon-like imagery looks fine, while photos are degraded.

It was dropped a year ago, so my first thought was a loose LCD connector.

I checked accessibility options to see if anything was turned on causing this. I also reset all settings.

I’ve carefully opened the iPad and unplugged and replugged the LCD connectors (3), but that didn’t fix it.

The picture below shows an example of the screen output.

Maybe I need a new LCD screen? They look to run around $100, so I don’t want to purchase before getting some feedback.


Block Image

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Bumping for visibility. Thanks.

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I'm not sure why the color changed you could do a reset. But I want to let you know did not unhook the screen before you disconnect the battery. You can burn out the back light circuit and touch.

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I did reset all settings already (not factory reset) to make sure no accessibility settings had changed the colors. I wouldn’t think a factory reset would make a difference or?

Appreciate the advice on making sure to disconnect the battery. Fortunately I did do that.

Still not sure the cause of the LCD looking to have such a small color palette that photos look degraded.


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I did unhook the battery before working on it and reset the tablet. I’m thinking it’s the LCD that broke since it can’t show a photo correctly.

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