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A2116 / 2019 / 3,6 GHz Quad-Core i3, 3,0 GHz 6-Core i5 oder 3,2 GHz 6-Core i7 Prozessor. Veröffentlicht am 19. März 2019.

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21.5" iMac screen clamps?

Hello everybody. I recently opened up my 2019 21.5” iMac and put a SSD in it using the iFixit replacement adhesive kit. All went well, but today, about a week after the work, I was at my desk and the screen separated from the adhesive. It fell a couple of inches, but everything looks to have survived. Currently it’s reassembled and laying flat to let the adhesive reengage.

I’m ordering a second kit to replace it with fresh adhesive strips, but I’m concerned now about longevity and the future. I was wondering if anyone had come across any sort of small, discrete looking screen clamps for iMacs. Just something to act as a safety measure in case the adhesive fails. I’ve seen people using scotch tape, but I’d be concerned that a few strips wouldn’t support the full weight of the screen if it were to separate again. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Sounds like you hadn’t fully cleaned the surfaces of the old tape or the solvent you used left a film which interfered with the adhesion of the tapes adhesive. I’ve seen that on a few systems I had come in from folks who tried to add/replace a drive.

You really need reagent quality solvent like 90% isopropyl alcohol or toluene. And make sure the cloth or paper wipe is also clean.

Temp and pressure also plays a roll here! I use a het gun to warm the case edge before applying the tapes and after setting the panel on I heat it a bit (not too much!) so the adhesive sticks more effectively to the glass and lastly I use rubber roller (J-Roller) to help press the glass down.

I would try again following this outline, and make sure the tapes are fresh and still in a sealed bag as old stock could be dried out. Make sure you are buying from a good source like iFixit!

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Thank you for this info. I did use iFixit replacement adhesives when I initially did it and did do all those cleaning steps, but I'll be doing them again to make sure a good bond can be achieved. For peace of mind though, I'm just hoping to find something else to use on top of that so I know it won't ever be an issue.


A fabric tape over the top edge is about all there is, if you don't trust the tapes.


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