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HP Deskjet 3530 All-in-One Printer Series - Regulatory Model Number: SNPRH-1102

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How can I get the black ink into the tube/line on the right? HP 3520

I’ve tried all the many suggested ways to clean/maintain/align, disassemble and soak the print head, etc. What I think is the problem is the clear tube(s) on the right are mostly empty. I think there may be a clog in the line. I cleaned tons of gunky ink from the inside bottom of the printer and all around the print head carriage and where it is parked when not in use. How do I get the ink back into the line? Is the sponge on the right supposed to be full of ink?

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>…the clear tube(s) on the right…

dont understand: where is that tube?

more on what i am working on here: [Ungültiger Anleitungslink]

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