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RCA Android tablet, identified by model number RCA RCT6303W87.

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What ways are there to charge my tablet

Can I charge my tablet by other means than ac adapter

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What is the amperage and output and input on this RCA tablet


@David Benson

Please elaborate on your question.

The tablet cannot be used to power other devices i.e. no power out capability

It has a 3.7V DC 4000mAH battery which is used to power the tablet. A 5V DC 1A charger is recommended to charge the battery


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You can charge it via the micro USB port e.g. connect to a computer’s USB port via an appropriate cable or use a mobile phone charger that has a micro USB plug connector.

Be aware that when using these options it will take longer to fully charge as they don’t supply as much current as the correct adapter i.e. the adapter specifications are 5V DC @ 1A (1000mA) and computer USB ports supply 5V @ 0.5A (500mA) and mobile phone chargers can be 5V DC @ 0.7A (700mA) -check the specifications written on the mobile phone charger if you decide to use one to see how much the output current is

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