Takeup reel won't turn; now power switch is dead

My Emerson VCR872 takeup reel wouldn’t turn when I loaded a cartridge: after a few seconds the cartridge would be ejected and the power would turn off.

I tried messing with the big white gear under the deck (page from some repair manual attached), but it didn’t work. I think I got the wheel back in the right place.

Online I found reference to a “mode switch” (see the 2 pix), which eventually would need cleaning or replacement. I located it tucked under the front of the cartridge sled, and checked continuity for the three wires to ground (red, green, yellow). They all had positions where none or one or several were connected, so it seemed the switch was OK.

So I tried adjusting the switch position, first by the lockdown screw, then by rotating the plastic wheel on top. But eventually I tried a position that stranded the cartridge in the loaded position.

By thumbing the wormgear on (the right of) the sled motor, I slowly cranked out the cartridge, but the power button hasn’t worked since.

Tips, copies of pages from the repair manual, all appreciated.

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