Why does my GPU not work?

I have a Dell Inspiron 3647 with 8GB of RAM and a Core i5 4200s. I recently purchased a new PSU (EVGA 600W Bronze) and a new GPU (RX 570). The computer and power supply work fine on the integrated graphics, but when i install the GPU, none of the fans spin and there is no video output. I have checked the PCIe and power connections many times, to no avail. Is there any other troubleshooting i can do, or is my GPU just dead?

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Hi @evanosx

just to eliminate the issues, do you have another graphic card to test out or the new graphic card to test on another computer?


Hi @evanosx ,

If the GPU card does work in another PC I'm wondering if the problem is the PSU.

Dell used to be a bit different with their PSUs compared to standard ATX PSU (don't know about now though) but maybe this may be of interest IF the GPU card is OK. (see second post with voltage table)

It seems as though the PSU is shutting down so maybe it is a compatibility problem when a GPU card is installed as they would need more power than if a different type of card was installed in the PCIe slot.

Just a thought.


I don't have another graphics card unfortunately, but i don't think it is the PSU as it is brand new and not even the CPU fan spins when the GPU is connected



It's not the PSU works or not per se, it's whether it is compatible with the motherboard/GPU combination

Do you have the old PSU still?

Whether it can handle the GPU or not is one thing but it may be a way to test if the PC turns on with the GPU inserted.


@jayeff I do still have the old PSU, however it's only 300 W or so and has no wires to power a Graphics Card. If i just plug in the graphics card without power from the PSU, will it fry the motherboard?


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