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Unsupport message on Yamaha CD-S300 CD player

My Yamaha CD-S300 CD player is showing UNSUPPORT on the display whenever I put a CD in. It seems to display LOADING for a bit longer than usual and then goes to the UNSUPPORT message and won’t play the CD. I can’t hear any noise so I’m assuming that the disc is not spinning. Switching to the USB mode and then back to the CD mode doesn’t work - it then displays NO DISC. If I then eject the disc and put it back in again I get the UNSUPPORT message again. I have tried several different discs and got the same result. In desperation I even tried turning the player off and on again! (Didn’t help.)

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Hi @ceebeegeebee ,

You can check if the discs are spinning or not by inserting a disc and remembering what position the label was in and then allow it time to check the disc and then eject the disc and check the position of the label to see if it has moved in relation to what it was when it was first inserted.

Has it worked OK before when inserting the exact same discs?

If it hasn’t, check that the discs are compatible with the player. (see p.8 of the user manual)

If it has then here’s the start of the test mode procedure from the service manual.

Once in test mode you will be able to test the functions of the CD mechanism.

The manual also has the schematics and a full parts which will help to find the problem that will hopefully be shown by the test mode procedure.

Hopefully a start.

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Thanks @jayeff I couldn’t run test mode due to misplaced remote after moving house a few months ago. Definitely working ok after the move though. Previously ok discs weren’t spinning so I took the lid off. Very clean inside. No movement so I jiggled most of the tray/laser ribbon plugs without completely removing them. Discs started spinning again! Unfortunately they would stop after a few seconds and I got NO DISC displayed. Took the clamp plate off. The mechanism spins and the laser goes up and down 4 times and then both stop but no light visible from laser or on my hand when held over it. Same thing whether with discs or no discs. Hopefully you can shed a bit more light on this new manifestation.

Thanks again. (Ps I’ve had to change my username to ceegee - sorry if it’s confusing).



The stop spinning after a while and no disc display would be normal if the disc wasn't being read due to the laser lens not being on. The laser needs to be on to read the discs.

Try not to touch the laser lens too much if at all as it is sensitive and also its alignment is critical to reading the disc properly.

Maybe remove the tray ribbon plug and reseat it in case there was something loose etc. Also check the other end of the cables back to wherever they're connected to as well.

Other than that you may have to go back to basics and using the schematics check that all the power supply rails in the player are as the should be and then work backwards from the power supply input connection at the laser lens, first to see if it is there and if not trace it back. It may be that it is turned on when a disc is inserted or that it is on all the time whenever the player is turned on.

Hopefully you can find the remote as that would certainly help.


Thanks again @jayeff I‘ll keep looking for the remote. In the meantime I’ll try the tray ribbon plug etc as you suggest. It could be a few days before I get back to it. Checking the circuits and working from schematics is beyond my capabilities. I stop at unplugging and replugging and maybe resoldering the odd dry looking joint. (Surprising how often it has worked!). If I can’t find the remote it may be a trip to the repair shop. Thanks for taking the time to reply - it’s much appreciated.


I have exactly the same problem after turning on my CD player after a period of maybe 2 years since I last used it. A USB stick works fine but all my CDs take 20 seconds or more while it displays “Loading” and then it just says “Unsupported”.

I do have the remote control but don’t really follow the Test procedures in the manual. Apart from “Open/Close” I don’t see any evidence of the other keys (1-9) on the remote having any effect.


@David Sandilands

So pressing key codes 7911, 7912 etc has no effect but 7901 does?


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