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Veröffentlicht am 23. Oktober 2012 mit Core i5 oder Core i7 CPU, optional mit Fusion Drive

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My Mac Mini won’t turn on.

Hi, yesterday my Mac mini just decided to stop powering on. Last time I used it was on windows 10 with it being installed by boot camp. I was watching a twitch stream and decided to shut down the system. As i did that, hour later i decided to try to turn it back on but it just won’t. I already contacted Apple and tried to fix it but they just told me to make a reservation or ship it to them, but I’m curious if there is anything else i can do before i ship it to them.

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update: opened the cover up, and it looks like it makes ticking sounds every time i press the power button. does this mean something good or bad?


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Hi Alan,

In the interest of thoroughness, have you tried these troubleshooting techniques?

1 Plugging your Mac Mini into a different display.

2 Plugging your Mac Mini into a different outlet.

Did any lights on the Mac mini itself come on?

If so, I would suggest trying to boot into the recovery partition, or a network image.

To this with your Mac Mini, Click the Power Button while Holding down the command + R keys, Keep holding down Command + R until an image appears on the screen.

If you are able to boot into recovery, open Disk Utility and check your hard drive is mounted and recognized. It may be a good idea to try reinstalling your Mac operating system.

If no image appears, Send it in to Apple, at worst they will give you a free diagnostic of the device.

Hope this is helpful!

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hi I tried everything you listed expect the boot recovery. But no, no lights have been turning it, as i tried different displays and different power outlets with different cables.


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