Screen flickering when I use a sim card

I've just replaced a screen on a Huawei p20 lite, one thing I've realised is that the screen flickers heavily when I enter the sim tray. I took the sim tray out and the screen works perfectly. Does anyone know the reason behind this?

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When the SIM tray is inserted, does the screen flicker more around the SIM tray?


Hi, no it flickers all over


I think the issue could be with the screen connector, which could be disconnecting every time there is pressure from the sim card tray. I would recommend pushing at different spots on the phone (to see if it will flicker), and possibly inspecting the display connector.


Is there any way to prevent the screen connector connection from becoming loose? I've tried reconnecting all the wires multiple times, however, still no luck


@syed.213shah unfortunately, I think the only option would be to get a new display.


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