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15.6", Intel HD Graphics, Core i3 2330M, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD

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Keyboard and mouse will not work after post

I have a Dell Inspiron that will boot up into window, but the keyboard and mouse will not work; including usb keyboards and mouses. The keyboard and mouse will work in bios. I have tried reinstalling window 7 on the HDD using another computer then putting it into this computer. The Keyboard and mouse still does not work. After some research, I found that you have to reinstall window 7 on the actual computer for the drivers to connect to the keyboard, mouse and usb. I have found a possible solution that will install the drivers at window setup. The solution I found comes from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzTwM6h1.... The biggest problem is I cannot test this solution out because: after setting the bios to boot from USB, it asks press any key to boot from USB. I cannot press any key because nothing works. I am now stuck as to what to do. If there is a solution or better solution to the problem I have and the one I provided, please let me know.

Here are some images of the Bios that I can move around in.







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Since your mouse and keyboard are working in the BIOS screens it tells you it is not a hardware issue. The issue is within Windows, between the bios settings and Windows, or with a driver, etc. You mentioned that you have also tried a USB keyboard/mouse and that did not work. (I assume you used a regular corded mouse and keyboard, not a wireless/bluetooth one).

Here are a few things you might try:

1) Go into the BIOS and load the default settings then try to restart the computer. Check to see if the mouse/keyboard are working.

2) If you can - pull the battery out of the machine, pull the power cord, and hold the power button down for a few seconds. Plug the charger in, leave the battery out, and try to start the computer. No luck, repeat but this time try with the battery in.

3) If the battery is not accessible (internal) many machines have a small pinhole “reset” switch on the bottom that disconnects the battery while the switch is pressed. Remove the charger, insert a paper clip end into the pinhole (usually has a battery symbol beside it) and push to hold the button inside down for 30 seconds or so. Reinstall the charger and start windows to see if the keyboard/touchpad have started working.

4) If the above steps have not resolved it, one other thing you might try is to open the machine up, find the BIOS battery (some are soldered in) and remove it for a few minutes. You can also try removing the battery and then shorting the + - pins on the battery holder with a wire (with the bios battery removed). Check the voltage on the battery if you have a volt meter. It should be 3V or better. Put the battery back in and try again.

5) If you can somehow force Windows 7 into safe mode (sometimes by shutting the machine off while it is booting into windows then restarting) you might also try to roll back to a previous restore point from before the problem started.

Hope this helps.

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Since this post is one of the first I got when googling similar problem, I've decided to update the issue.

I'm having this kind of problem on Inspiron m5110, user said that keyboard has stopped working, touchpad worked, but as of now, when I have this notebook, touchpad doesn't work either.

It's not a windows problem, and it's not a hardware problem.

Keyboard works in bios, and also works on errors (the adapter is 65w instead of 90w and I get an error for that, f1 works there),but right after it tries to boot into something keyboard and mouse stop working. External keyboard and mouse don't work during windows 7 boot or reinstallation, but that's because of the USB3 driver I guess, since they work in installation of Windows 10.

Right now I have windows 10 installed, external mouse works, keyboard doesn't. In device manager it shows PS2 keyboard and Dell touchpad are present, but they don't work. Bios seems to be the latest, so I'm kind of out of options atm. I haven't tries short circuiting the bios battery, but I've tried loading factory defaults to no avail.

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