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Repair guides and support for desktop PCs manufactured by Lenovo.

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lenovo ideacentre AIO 730S-24IKB beeping on startup

It’s 2 long beeps and 3 short beeps, but the computer starts and works just fine. It has been doing it for a couple of weeks, but not every day. It did it again today after about a week without doing it. I just bought this computer in October of 2019.

Thanks for any help.

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Hello, I have the exact same PC and it has started doing this as well. I have found that if I unplug the unit for a few seconds, then plug it back in, it will normally boot correctly. But if I do a restart from Windows, I get the beeps and a black screen and boot not completed. Have you found a solution for this?


No not really. Since that time I took it to Best Buy where I bought it and they put in some new memory or something and sent it back to me but it still did it intermittently. Then I had someone come out from a local computer repair shop and he did a few things but was not able to recreate the problem. It was all right for a while but just this week it started doing it again and this time with a black screen. Yesterday I had to turn it off and turn it back on three times before I could get it to work. I was also having another problem with the computer completely shutting down, the light on the monitor and the keyboard remained lit up. I read about disabling the windows 10 fast startup so I did that and that solved that problem. Now I wonder if that is causing the black screen problem on startup.


Things have gone worse for me. Unplugging the PC before rebooting no longer works. But I may have another workaround. After the beeps, the message “Display not detected” is displayed. I’ve tried plugging something in the HDMI input port (a Chromecast dongle, but a laptop may work). When I reboot, I still get the beeps. But if I press on the Input Selection button (next to the HDMI port), the screen (initially black) switches from Monitor Mode (showing the Chromecast home screen) and with another press to PC mode (showing the Windows lock screen). This has worked for me twice. I haven’t tested further as getting the PC to boot has been more and more difficult and I don’t want to reboot unless I really have to.


I have since updated my PC with the new driver released on Jan 8 by Intel for the UHD Graphics 620 display adapter and now my PC appears to boot normally. Note that I used the Intel Driver and Support Assitant to find this update. Lenovo utilities did not propose this update at the time I did it.


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I couldn’t find the beep error codes for your computer. None are listed in the user manual or the hardware manual. The closest that I found to what you said was for Lenovo ThinkCentre computers where a 2 Long, 3 short beep error code means a video card or onboard video problem.

The hardware maintenance manual for the computer doesn’t show that it has a separate video card so it must use the GPU that is integrated in with the CPU i.e. onboard. The problem may be on the motherboard (see p.20 of the manual -POST error codes)

Since the computer is fairly new it will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. I suggest that you contact Lenovo customer support about the problem before the warranty runs out in case it is a motherboard problem.

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