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Guides and repair information for the 4th generation of the BMW 7 Series / E65, E66, E67, and E68 platforms.

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How to erase “Transmission Failsafe“

While i was driving I noticed my transmission wasn’t shifting and Transmission Failsafe appeared on the dash screen so i pulled over to see if i could do anything and it locked in to Park so i had it towed home after reading from the different on line articles i figured the transmission was low on fluid so i decided to change the filter and fluid assuming the dash light would go out what am i needing to do to get the Failsafe light out.

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Thank you Jesse for the answer i was hoping to get an answer to keep me from having to tow the car to a dealer and pay their inflated prices after endless hours of reading about this problem i did find that there is so many different things that can make the car go into the failsafe mode I really like this car but it is way too much of a head ache for me.


The most ignorant feature someone could put on a vehicle life-or-death situation vehicle won't go over the vehicle but my wife will die how retarded


What I meant to say is it life or death situation getting to your vehicle it won't go out of gear and there's nothing you can do about it okay let's save the vehicle great retarded


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The vehicle may be stuck in some sort of limp mode or “safety” mode. BMW was the first to implement this feature in case there’s a mechanical issue with the car in which it will limit the power and speed, forcing consumers to take it to the dealership immediately. You may need a special tool or scanner to remove the fault code. I would call a local european specialist on this one. This generation of 7 series is not exactly the best when it comes to repair.

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I've had the same problem just left me out in Long Beach on PCH and the 710 freeway ever been there I am just a livid yes I'm looking for an answer to


i have had 2 BMW's now with the same problem... i think the only way to stop the trans fail safe prog is to not buy a BMW! it is just so annoying. I did see a youtube vid saying the belt and pullies sometimes get worn which doesnt give enough to the alternator which inturn causes low voltage and triggers the failsafe. maybe check your belts and pullies and alternator output??


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