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Vivitar pro action camcorder with 720p HD video resolution and 5.1 megapixel camera.

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Where to purchase a replacement LCD screen for my Vivitar camera

I have a Vivitar DVR 786HD camera, red color, it works but the LCD screen is cracked. Where can a get a replacement screen for the camera? When I disassemble the unit the screen easily unplugs from the circuit board.

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Hi @c38kgold69 ,

Check if the LCD screen has a part or model number printed on the back of the screen and search online using the number only to see if there are any results

Depending on your location, you may be hard pressed to find a replacement LCD screen that is cheaper than getting a new camera or one that is faulty good for parts. Some shown in here are as low as $US22.00 (plus shipping of course). One faulty one is only $10 given that the screen is OK of course. Check with the seller before purchase

Just some ideas if you can’t source any screens, elsewhere.

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Hey could you help me with something? If your answer is "yes", then i am going to say it:

Well something is wrong with my camera and I don't know what. When i power it on, appears the "vivitar we make fun" thing in the screen, but then it just get black and the green LED light starts blinking. I don't know what to do.



Does the camera's red charging light turn on if you just charge the camera's battery?

Does the battery finally fully charge i.e. light turns off?

Does the camera stay on if you connect it to a computer and then turn it on?


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