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Der Nintendo DS Lite kam 2006 als Nachfolger des Nintendo DS auf den Markt. Er ist leicht zu öffnen und leicht zu reparieren.

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What happens if you dont plug in the touchscreen ribbon cable? (NDS)

ok so i cant plug in the touchscreen ribbon cable on my DS because the copper has seperated from the ribbon it self and im wondering if the touchscreen is a nessesity to turn on the DS.

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Hi Raphael,

No, not necessary. But make sure you connect the screens and WiFi chip. Without the WiFi chip, the DS lite will boot, but show a black screen. Without the touchscreen connected, it still boots and show something on the screen. So yeah, it will work without the touch screen.

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yo still boots but the the power led turns on for like 3 seconds and then screen flashes and it still turns off]


If this is the case, the screen is not properly connected (had this many times too). You need to put the ribbon cable all in (and yes, it may go further in then you think!). The screen which flashes is not fully inserted in the ZIF connector.


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