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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für das iPhone SE der 2. Generation, im April 2020 angekündigt und veröffentlicht.

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essentially had to replace the full body of phone, major issues

a friend of mine fell off her bike onto her SE 2020 and i(poorly made decision) tasked myself with repairing it. I've had to replace both the screen and body of the phone and now it somewhat usable but has two MAJOR issues that i can't figure out. that being that the phone refuses to charge unless turned off, and that the phone will repeatedly just constantly reboot every 6 or 7 minutes. both of these smell of ribbon cable but i have yet to actually figure out what it might be. any ideas from anyone who has done this stuff?

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I would have gotten an icloud locked or dead mb iphone and swapped the MB from the smashed one, hunting that many parts separately is too complicated


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Heavily damaged phones can have multiple issues and sometimes they are just not cost effective to repair. That said, you will need to strip this phone down to bare necessities and test every flex or component until one of them causes the boot-looping issues.

Start by disconnecting the battery first (always!). Then disconnect the digitizer, LCD, front camera, rear camera and home button extension flex (see this guide). Now re-connect the battery; you should only have the battery and Lightning Dock flex connected. Connect a known-good, preferably Apple-original Lightning cable to an iTunes enabled computer.

 Does iTunes recognize your phone? If so, then leave it on for a while to see if it is charging the battery and not looping. You can also use 3uTools which is a better iTunes-like” tool that will show you the status of the phone as long as it is connected (and booted). The re-connect one flex at a time until the phone stops working(remember the battery!). I would start with the rear camera, LCD & Digitizer then from camera flex.

If the bare-bones setup does not get recognized by iTunes or loops, then you most likely have a Lightning Dock Flex or logic board issue. You can try a replacement Dock flex and if that doesn’t help, then send it (or find a local) to a repair shop that specializes in micro-soldering repair. Sometimes the fix can be straightforward (i.e.  a blown filter) and relatively economical.

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I swapped iphone SE and iphone 8 motherboards and had the same issues . Remember that apple pairs some parts with motherboard. Maybe the charging flex is paired.

If you still have original charging flex and vibrator, use them.

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The rebooting issue will be related to a thermsistor on either the charging flex or the power buttons flex, download iPhone panic analyser and it will tell you which sensor is not sending check-ins to the CPU. Mic 1 and 4 is charging dock flex and mic 2 is power button flex, replace these with OEM replacements depending on which sensor is malfunctioning and it will stop the restart

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