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The Nokia 3310, released in 2000, is known for being incredibly durable.

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when I plug my nokia 3310 it will say not charging with a stop sign.

I have only 1 charger for it it works fine and I can charge it with a li-on battery charger but when I try to charge it with its official charger I just say not charging with a stop sign

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Have you tried a different compatible charger or charging it from a USB port in a computer?

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to check that there is no debris lodged in the charge port and that all the pins are still there and not bent or broken. If there is any lint etc, then do not use a metal pin or probe to try and clear it. Use a vacuum cleaner to try and suck it out. If it still won’t dislodge then try using a sharpened wooden toothpick to gently prise it out

It the port seems OK and if it still doesn’t charge try replacing the battery and check if it now charges OK.

Search online for Nokia 3310 battery to find suppliers that suit you.

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Thanks my Nokia 3310 lives again!


Oh my word! I just fixed two old 3310s that I'd previously given up on. Thank you so much! (the ports didn't even look dirty, but clearly must have been)


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