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CB Radio (all types) first introduced in 1958.

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need a transformer for cobra 29

blew protection diode bad no fuse the transformer next to it melted .I dont know the volts tobuy another.

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What is the full model number of the radio?

Looking at the Cobra 29 LTD ST and WX ST service manual - p.6 schematic it shows TR23 Reg and it looks like +13.8V In and has +8V output. The output also connects to D201 via the TR21 TX/RX switch. presumably this might be the diode that you mentioned.

There is nothing in the parts list about the part number for the Transformer or what the other specs may be aside from the voltages as shown on the schematic, although I'm wondering why it is also called a reg (usually means regulator) in the designation.

What is the board number? Perhaps if you searched online for the number you may get images of the board which hopefully might show the component or better yet a better schematic

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