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iPhone 7: Home Button Crack (Cosmetic Damage Only)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask. Does anyone know of any adhesive or just anything in general that could fill the crack in a home button? The one for my iPhone 7 works perfectly fine, it’s just cosmetic, but I’d like to try and make it look better as opposed to selling it with a crack down the side.

Does anyone know of anything you can put onto it that’ll fill the crack in the button and make it look good as new, or just slightly better in any way? or would this cause issues with the touch ID etc.



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I wouldn’t use any kind of glue on that crack, as it would mess with the touch id for sure.

There some metal stickers that go on top of the home button that support touch id, you can find them everywhere, aliexpress, amazon, ebay... Just make sure it says it supports touch id.

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Mate that's so simple yet brilliant, I never even gave it a thought to look for something like this. It does exactly what I'm after. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks pal,



You are welcome!


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