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Why doesn't work the backlight of my iPod?

Hi everyone!

This is a big problem for me because I love this iPod. The ,,back” button (left button) under the clickwheel was broken. I have a donor motherboard so I just replaced the broken button. I tested the iPod after the button replacement work and everything was fine then I put the motherboard in my ultrasonic cleaner because I used flux. After the ultrasonic cleaning the backlight didn’t work. I tried with an another display but the situation is same.

I need a schematic to the repair or any advice that where can I find the backlight circuit.

Please don’t write that: ,,Just buy an another motherboard”. This isn’t worth It and I just want to repair this iPod.

Thanks in advance to the replies.

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@karl67 schematics for the iPod are not available. Since you have a donor board you would have to go and measure the components and see if you find the one that has shorted out. I would focus on the coil around the display connector. If you have a meter you can check pin 30 which should be Backlight -Neg and pin 31 +Pos there will be a boost circuit to get the backlight voltage (again check for shortened out coil)

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Thank you for the answer! I will check the pin 30.


The problem was with the backlight IC. I reballed and the backlight works fine.


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