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The PowerBook G4 Titanium Series was initially announced at Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld Expo in January 2001.

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trying to replace internal hhd, old went bad

I bought exactly the same drive on ebay, same maker/model, same capacity, same speed. Only it doesn't have "Apple Firmware 2000" (written on the original drive) that the original drive had. I put the drive in, computer didn't recognize it (question mar blinked) I tried to restart from a original bootable CD, screen does't show question mark but just stays on grey screen and nothing happens. What do I do now?

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Thank you for accepting my answer--Ralph


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Hello Julie, Is the bootable CD the original one for the computer? As you probably know Macs are particular about OS software--if you have a grey (machine specific) CD from another unit it will not work in your computer. If you have a "Retail" (black CD) it should work so long as its not newer than Tiger (OS-10.4). Purchased on ebay and not Apple your drive is probably formatted for Windows and needs to be partitioned and formatted for Apple but that should be no problem if you have the proper CD. If your CD is not the correct one you will need to borrow or purchase a Retail version of Tiger (OS-10.4). For this please use a reliable source such as WeloveMacs. Not inexpensive but will last for years as you upgrade computers from time to time. If your CD is correct get back to us.

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my cd is original bootable cd, grey cd that came with that mac


UPDATE: i found second grey cd, apparently this one worked. But now i need to reformat the drive bec it isn't apple drive, and system doesn't see it. Do i go to utilities and initialize it?


Yes--when the CD boots select Utilities and the then disk utility. Once there select partition and the number of partitions you need. Once the drive is partitioned select erase and once that is completed you can install your operating system. Good luck and come back if you have problems.


thx! did all that, all good. But just realized, i ran os9 and os10 on this comp before - that was factory set up. so do i need 2 partitions to be able to run both? I partitioned only for 1 and it seems i cannot install os 10, just 9 (the second grey disk i believe has os 10, that i couldn't start off of it originally, i needed os9 disk). Once i insert second disk and try to run the installer, system doesn't let me (i guess bec i cannot run 2 diff os on the same partition, right?) So, if i partition hdd in 2, will it work?

Also, my old bad clicking drive, can i get anything off of it, if yes, how do i do that? Even if i get external encasing, it won't mount anyway, so what are my options?

Thx for being so helpful!


Julie I'm scratching my head because its been so long since I worked on such an old OS. IF I remember correctly you should start over with two partitions and install OS9 drivers on both. Then install OS9 on the second partition and when that's done try to install OS-10 in the first partition.

This is such an old system Julie I think you probably have a hard time finding a useful browser to work with. If you have the funds think about upgrading to Tiger. (OS-10.4) I am including a link for some browsers that may be useful to you if you stay with your current OS. Good luck.



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Ralph, I have to butt in here, sorry. I am running 10.4 on a G4 700 MHz iMac and it does the internet just fine with Safari (with the exception of YouTube videos. (Flash stuff)

Do not partition the hard drive except with one partition.

Insert your system 10.4 installation disk and start up holding down the "C" key. Go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utility. Select your drive in the left hand column and format it MacOS extended journaled. Quit DU and continue with your system installation. Download and install all updates. Go to system preferences OS9 or classic. Insert the OS9 disk. Set the installation up from there. If your system 10 disk does not work, call Apple and get a replacement disk for $15. If Disk Utilities will not see the drive, send it back, go to Best Buy and get a PATA drive, the new ones will work just fine.

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thx for the info


No problem Richard. Julie indicated she had the original CD which was 10.1 according to Mactracker. She needed 10.2 for her software. That was the reason for my link to the 10.2 page. If you reread my original answer you will see I recommended Tiger in the beginning. The main thing is she has the computer working again.


Ralph, my thinking right now is not as clear as usual. Good drugs and bad radiation ;-)


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