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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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TRUE or FALSE - Does the MBP 16'' vent out heat from the keyboard?

hello. i am noticing a lot of mixed information online about the macbook pros and if they vent heat out from the keyboard.

some people say the keyboard does vent out heat and that if you put a keyboard cover/skin on that it will eventually wear out (damage) the internal components, others say to monitor hardware temperatures if you cover the keyboard, etc.

all of this seems to indicate then that the keyboard actually vents out heat!??

but where are the vents in the keyboard then? this seems like a completely false rumor! i feel like snopes and we got to get to the bottom of this!

please help me find the truth.

thank you,


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No it does not, the keyboard is completely sealed over with backing foil.


If you count thermal radiation, it does pass heat out a little, but that’s it.

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that's very interesting!! is that what they mean by the Magic Keyboard having a membrane now? did this exist in prior MBP keyboards? i wonder if this backing foil (which I originally thought was only for the keyboard backlights) can even prevent liquid damage from the keyboard!?!

Most importantly, do you think that using a keyboard skin/cover like the Ghostcover, Kuzy, etc. could cause an accumulation of heat (from thermal radiation) that can damage the internal components?


The systems active cooling is limited to the side vents for cool air and the rear for the exiting hot air.The older unibody systems leveraged some air flow from the keyboard (the ones that don't have side vents) that's what people get stuck on (older design vs new).

The keyboard height from the display and how much compression then becomes the issue with skins. The thicker ones on the Butterfly keyboard can cause issues. The ultra thin ones are OK but I really only recommend skins on the newer 'Magic' Scissor keyboard design keyboards as the key design has more travel and won't get damaged from the slight compression of the very thin skins.


@danj Thanks Dan! that's helpful.

I will probably buy the keyboard cover then from Ghostcover which is 0.12mm. I know the one from Moshi is 0.1mm, but I'm guessing maybe they just rounded down instead. Regardless, do you think the keyboard cover can scratch the screen over time from accumulating grime/dust/sweat/oil/etc. ?

Finally --- Now I'm thinking of going all out to protect my MBP 16''.

i'm thinking of getting the complete bundle from Ghostcover here: https://gouppercase.com/products/ghostco...

Of course this now includes palm rest covers, as well as trackpad & touchbar cover. Do you think this is also safe/OK for the macbook? Of note, I notice that the palm rest areas of my macbook do get warm under load currently without anything sticking over that area.

you guys are awesome. much love, Mongo


Taking the skin off and cleaning it is a good idea if you think you are getting grit and dirt on it. Don't use any spray cleaners on your system directly! Spray a micro cloth and then wipe the surfaces. or screen. With COVID running rampant seeing a lot of messed up systems from liquid damage (cleaners)

I think you are going too far, the keys yes, body (palm) and touchpad not really needed and you'll find finger tracking will be different on the touchpad. The skins won't insulate you from the heat. I would get a good thermal management app like TG Pr so you can monitor things and ramp up the fans when needed (turbo).

I would get a set of external skins to protect the outside surfaces or get a hard snap-on case. I have a upgraded 2011 15" MacBook Pro (now has a 2012 logic board) which I use for posting on iFixit and watch youtube when I'm not working (bought new). I still have the original trackpad and only were my watch strap hits is the top surface messed up a bit at the edge My newer work systems have no damage at all. Just to give you an idea how tough anodized aluminum is.


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