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Samsung UA49MU7350R - 49" MU7350 Curved Smart 4K UHD TV


I have a Samsung UA49MU7350R - 49" MU7350 Curved Smart 4K UHD TV. The screen is broken, I want to fix it.

Block Image

Block Image

Can you give me suggestion for sites to order a replacement screen, also a video explaining the steps to replace it.

Thank You!

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@m07ammadsadiq just like any other panel TV display panel replacement. First you will need to know exactly what panel it is. Remove the back cover from your TV and look at the back of the panel. You should find a label that shows who build it and what the model number is. Then use that number to do an online search. Panels that size are extremely difficult to obtain. Shipping and the cost for a panel this size will most likely cost you more than a new TV. You can always try and sell the boards from your TV and recover some of the money to purchase a new TV and recycle the rest of your TV

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Thank you for the response. I think I will cancel the idea of ​​repairing the TV and I will buy a new TV instead of this with the new releases and generation generation. I find excellent solutions. Thanks again. Your response is very excellent. It helped me thank you.


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