Dell Inspiron 3521 not working

Hi all,

My name is Sushruth and I own a Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop. 2 days ago my laptop was working fine then I didn’t use it the next day, and yesterday I tried to turn it on but it wasn’t turning on.

I tried removing the battery and pressing the power button for 30 secs to 1 minute, I did this process more than 10 times. nothing worked.

Later I reassembled everything then the laptop did not turn on either. then I removed the screen cable and I tried switching on the laptop, then only Battery led light turned on. But the hard drive led light didn’t blink. I am facing the same issue even now.

When I plug in the screen cable to the laptop the laptop won’t turn on, but when I detach the screen cable from the motherboard and turn on the laptop, the laptop turns on with only battery led light working.

Earlier when I plugged in the charging cable the charger light in the power cord box turned off and then I removed the screen cable from the motherboard, the battery charging light lit up in the motherboard.

  • I have a broken screen, I had attached hdmi cable to the laptop as i am using a monitor as screen for laptop.

When I turn on the laptop, the fan runs and the HDD Led light wont blink as it should. The HDD Led light in the motherboard lits up for 2-3 secs when i turn on the laptop and then it won’t blink like it always should.

Someone please give me a solution to this.

Thank you

With Regards

Sushruth S Reddy

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