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Oneplus 6 screen falling off, please help.

Yesterday, while i was using my phone normally, I noticed that the screen of my oneplus 6 is coming off slightly, from the bottom. Everything is fine. I didn't drop the phone, and there are no scratches on the screen either. The screen works completely fine, and there are no touch response issues. I think its because of loosening of the adhesive overtime, holding the screen to the frame. Is there any solid solution, without removing the back of the device, and withlut completely replacing the screen (because the screen is completely fine)? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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For a permanent fix, you’ll have to open the device, seperate the display, and re-adhere it into place.

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Where do you buy the glue to stick the screen?


@sharonchai sorry for the late reply, but just search for Tesa 2mm double-sided tape or B/T-7000 adhesive on your favourite online marketplace.


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