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The Motorola G5s Plus can be identified by its model number: XT1804 (varies based on country). It is an updated version of the 5th generation of Motorola’s Moto G series. Some distinguishing features of this device are its metal unibody design, improved front and rear cameras, and bigger battery.

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need help pls answer I am confused

hi my phone has fall down and a small crack came at the left side and the display is working only the touch is not working so should i replace the LCD or the touch or combo when i go to the the shops they are saying that we have to change the combo or else the LCD panel will not work is it true.


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Good afternoon! That is mostly correct. The LCD on most devices is typically fused to the glass touch digitizer. We do almost all of our repairs at my store with combo parts. The right part helps create the best post repair experience. I hope this helps!


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