Freezer not working, fridge side works fine.

Samsung RS25H5111WW/AA 01

Freezer is completely defrosted, condenser fan is working, condenser coils are not cold, ice maker doesn’t work.

Fridge side is holding 35F and even can go below it when “power cool” is activated.

Evaporator fan next to compressor is working.

Compressor is “humming” and slightly vibrating when touched, however it’s hot and all tubes that comes out of it are either hot or warm.

Red light on circuit board is lit solid.


Freezer seems to be “working”, it took about 4-5 hours for the temp drop from 68F to -8F with power freeze mode (that is according to the digital thermometer on the door), however walls seems to have condensation and thermometer card inside shows 10F

Ice maker still doesn’t work.

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