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The BlackBerry Priv is a slider smartphone developed by BlackBerry Limited. Following a series of leaks, it was officially announced by BlackBerry CEO John Chen on September 25, 2015, with pre-orders opening on October 23, 2015 for a release on November 6, 2015. It can run up to Android 6.0.1.

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Screen touch working issue

My screen is broken with only a horizontal line in between while whole of the screen is working but the only problem that i face is that it works occasionally sometimes it suddenly starts taking touches and sometimes it will stop taking touch for days... How to reslove this problem is there any connections inside that i should check for?

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You will have to open the phone and check that the display assembly LCD screen and touchscreen cable connection to the systemboard is secure.

If it is, then as a DIY repair all you can do is to temporarily replace the display assembly and check if the problem is still there or not. If it is still there then it is in the systemboard

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the display assembly in your phone.

Replacement display assemblies are available online. Just search for Blackberry PRIV LCD display touchscreen assembly to find suppliers that suit you

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