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Das Google Pixel 2 ist Googles zweites Flagschiff -Smartphone, es erschien am 17. Oktober 2017. Das Smartphone ist mit einem 5" AMOLED Display ausgestattet und kann mit 64 oder 128 GB Speicher bestellt werden. Erhältlich ist es in drei Farben: Schwarz (Just Black), Weiß (Clearly White) und Blau (Kinda Blue).

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Screen is black, but touch works fine

My Pixel 2 began having a problem where the screen would freeze while audio continued for about 10 seconds at a time, then one day it froze and didn’t unfreeze, and when I locked the phone, the screen stayed black. I know that the phone is still operating normally, as I can use Google Assistant to control bluetooth, and if I remember where buttons are, I can tap them and feel the haptic feedback. Also, I can view screenshots on my computer, so I can kind of see what is happening in the phone, but the display won’t turn on.

I would assume this was a broken screen, but it seems odd to me that touch works perfectly fine. Is anyone familiar with this issue?

Update: I just found out I can make the screen turn back on by pressing really hard on the left middle of the screen.

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So was the device damaged at all? because this sounds like the LCD got damaged. the LCD provides the image on the phone,

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The device doesn't appear damaged, and there isn't a specific incident I can think of that would have triggered this. I think the spot I'm pressing on is near where the connector for the display would be.


Ok so from the sounds of that is the LCD connector is loose, has ur phone ever been repaired or opened up before?


@zmentz No it hasn't


hmm interesting, im baffled right now, let me look into it a bit and ill see what i find


So i know the pixal series has been known to have issues but the only thing i can really think of is some how/ some way the lcd got damaged or the connector got unplugged. the part that is confusing is those connectors are usually in pretty tight and do require a bit of force to unplug them compared to early iphone series connectors but thats the best possible issue i can think of


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