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Freezer works intermittently - thaws than freezes

My 10 year old Maytag bottom freezer just started doing the same thing. Freezer works intermittently - thaws than freezes. Every 3-5 minutes a buzzing sound like something is trying to turn on. Solution??

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@John Balliet Does the buzzing sounds like it’s coming from behind the refrigerator? Does your display show any error codes, lights blinking? A common issue on some Maytag french door models have issues with a relay on the control board. When it fails you hear it energize for a moment then stops. It will do this a few times until it stays energized. Eventually it won’t ever stay energized or it damages other components while turning on and off. This can also be another component, such as the compressor not wanting to start and the relay is just doing its job trying to start it. A model number would be helpful.


ABB2227DEW - yes, from the back.like something is trying to switch on, I would liken it to the sound an AC makes when it kicks on only more high-pitche, buzzer sounding. Fridge now seems not so cod even though I have it on 6 and put cup of water in freezer, just the surface is icy


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@John Balliet This isuue could be the relay on the board failing, or a sealed system issue. You need to do voltage checks at the board. A diagnostics test needs to be done as well. If your skilled and knowledgeable with a multimeter and wiring diagrams you would need only a little coaching. If your lacking the electrical experience, it would be best to schedule a service call. Any issues with the sealed system would have to be checked by a certified refrigeration technician due to the EPA requirements.

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