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Electrolux/Frigidaire combo beeps 3 times randomly constantly

Just curious if anyone would know why my Frigidaire stackable Washer/Dryer model FFLE3911Qw0

Beeps 3 times randomly and it does it all the time. everything seems to work just fine

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My Frigidaire Washer Dryer Combo FFLG4033QT0 unit was beeping at our cabin this weekend. Couldn’t figure it out. Without any predictable pattern 1 beep or a few beeps. Its manufacture date is 2/16. We haven’t used it more than 20 times.


I have the exact same problem with the same combo washer / dryer. Did you determine the cause / correction?



Mine does the same. Random 3 beeps several times a day every day.


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Does this occur when the washer is in use?

Don’t know the answer but according to the owner manual:

Push in or turn the cycle selector knob or turn any option knob to "wake" the washer. You will hear three short beeps to indicate washer is ready to operate. After making your selections, push in the selector knob to start the cycle. You will hear one short beep and the washer lid will lock.

Perhaps if you hear the beeps when the washer is not in use, the cycle selector switch has to be either pulled out or in the home position. It may be just a reminder that it is ready to go otherwise.

Alternatively it may be if it is truly random and not in a time pattern that then there may be intermittent interruptions to the power supply to the unit.

Depending on your location there is either a single 240V power feed or a 2 x 120V power feed. If it is a 240V power feed you may be able to try connecting to another power outlet which uses a different fuse. If it is a 2 x 120V supply then unfortunately you cannot try this as the power outlet that the washer is connected to is specifically wired for the washer i.e. 2 fuses for the washer in the power box of the premises

Disconnect the washer’s power cord from the wall outlet if it is really annoying and only plug in when wanting to use it. That should stop the beeps. This will also reduce your power bill (not much but over 12 months it can add up. ;-), as a lot of appliances still draw a small amount of power when stopped but not turned off at the outlet i.e. standby power. I think that your unit will use power when not in use given that it can be turned on by “turning any option knob” to “wake” the unit as described in the manual. Option knobs usually aren’t power on/off switches.

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I have tried resetting the power by turning off both breakers. The washer & dryer.

It beeps when not in use.

It does so randomly

There is nothing in the online manual or in the Electrolux/Frigidaire site that states what it is for or why it would do this.

Just annoying really


@Stewart Fleming

The manual does state that if the washer is off, that it will beep three times when the you select a wash cycle OR operate an option switch, before you press the cycle switch in to start the wash.

That's why I suggested maybe it's a power flick from the mains power supply that is the problem as the combo unit is in a standby state rather than turned off i.e. the power is on then off momentarily then on again, so the washer thinks that it's being turned on - power is reconnected - but won't start because the cycle switch is not pushed in.

Try just turning off the one breaker to the dryer and then if it still happens restore the dryer breaker and turn off the breaker to the washer if it still occurs and see (or rather listen). By rights it shouldn't occur when the washer is isolated but not the dryer.


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There are two different three-beep signals. Neither is mentioned in the accompanying “Use & Care” manual, but the usual three-beep signal is mentioned on the accompanying “Laundry Center Operating Instructions” separate sheet of paper as indicating that the washer or dryer has been powered-up from a “sleeping”, or low-power state. That three-beep signal is three shorter/quicker beeps. The other three-beep signal consists of three longer beeps, and indicates a problem. In my case, the problem is that I can eventually get the machine to wash and rinse (after a long period of the pump chug-chug-chugging followed by a silent delay and another round of pumping), but the drum will not spin at the end of the wash or rinse cycles, so the clothes are left very wet, and not fully rinsed.

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What is the model number of the washer?

Knowing this may help to find the tech sheet which shows how the diagnostics can be run to see if they show the reason for it not spinning.


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Same problem. Mine usually will not run a full normal cycle. It works for a while, then beeps, then stops. Sometimes it says I need to clean the filter (even when it is clean).

The solution I have found is to to switch to a timed dry (30 minutes) and repeat until the clothes are dry.

I’ve never had a problem with a dryer before…but this is my first ventless dryer. Maybe that’s a factor?

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The solution is replacing the washer/dryer cycle selector. When one of them starts going bad it will make a beeping noise without user input. Usually you can figure out which one is going bad because certain cycles will work normally and others won’t finish and can stop at different stages during the cycle. The other easy method I found to figure out which one is the culprit is to listen to the beep that the washer/dryer is making and then physically turn the knob your self without starting a cycle and see if the sound matches. The washer and dryer both make slightly different beeps when a cycle is being selected.

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