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A new version of the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 was announced in February 2019, with Android 9.0 Pie (upgradable to Android 10), the Exynos 7904 chipset and an IPS display with an unchanged resolution. The rear flash is removed, S-Pen support is dropped and the battery is smaller, while the front camera is upgraded to 5 MP and the speakers are now stereo. Models numbers: SMT-515 & SM-T510.

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When I do my lockscreen, it says try again in 30 seconds what do I do

Hello. I have a samsung tablet that does not work right now. I draw my pattern on my lockscreen and it says "try again in 30 seconds" and I'm not sure what to do i'm typing the right password and I'm currently typing this from a computer. Is there any way you could help?

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Do u solution already

I this problem today


Power off then power on


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You could try restarting the tablet or performing a factory reset. If you can’t get in the tablet the procedure to factory reset is as follows:


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I hv done it nothing hppen

Volume up + power

My screen on sleep


@ujaejang Power off your tablet first, then do volume up+ power.


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