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Replace carb on Stijl ms 270c

New equivalent chainsaw is $350. Dealer cost for carb replacement on my 15 year old ms 270c is $290. I want to do it myself; not buy a new one, but stihl offers no repair/replace manual.

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I had a Stihl MS210 and found compatible new carb on Amazon for $11

Made in China just like Stihl carbs, but for $200 less it didn’t have Stihl name on it.

installed and it started and ran perfect.


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@docherbe here is the Fuel System chapter Stihl_Ms_270C_Fuel-System.pdf from the SM. Stihl combines a lot of their models in one manual. The MS261 MS270 MS270C MS280 and MS280C are pretty identical with the exception of the parts etc.

I just replaced the carb on my MS280 and even so it’s a bit of a PITA it is not terribly complicated.

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