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The DMC-FZ18 became available in the United States in July 2007. It has a 8.1 megapixel resolution. The DMC-FZ18 is powered by a high capacity Lithium-ion battery and stores images on SD memory cards

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Dirt in the lens body

I have dirt in between the lens. It looks like a plain piece of glass like a lens filter then the lens behind it. that where the dirt is

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@wakefieldkid this “looks like a plain piece of glass “ does not sound like a dirty lens. Remove the CCD sensor and see if the filter is still in place etc. Use the manual for the disassembly and if you absolutely do think you need to get into the lens. Again, from what you are describing it sounds more like an issue with the CCD.

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Make sure a clear ultraviolet filter is not screwed on the end of the lens. Often dust will be trapped between the filter and the lens. Look at the side of the filter (if there) and you should see markings indicating size ( example 72mm), brand, and type. These filters can become very tight, but never use any tool to try to remove. Grip with cloth or rubber tipped gloves to remove.

if no filter is screwed on the lens, and you see dust inside, that is a job for a camera repair specialist.

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