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The Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15ABR is a perfect consumer grade laptop for the everyday individual.

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Where do you locate the specific model number on the laptop?

Where do you locate the specific model number on the laptop? Would it be the sticker next to the hard drive, or do I have to take the laptop apart to find the number?

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Hi @maddiejeanbean

The laptop model number is usually found on the information label that is on the bottom of the laptop (on the outside)

Once you have the specific laptop model number use this link (ignore the 320-15ABR Laptop (ideapad) model number shown on the left as this was only to get you to the link) and insert the model number in the "search by product name, serial number, machine type" search box, select the appropriate model variant that comes up and then click on Commodities and scroll down and select "c-cover with keyboard" (or maybe just keyboard, it depends on your model) to find the part numbers for all the various country specific keyboards available for the model.

Once you have the appropriate part number, search online using the "part number only" to find suppliers that suit you.

If there is no information label, use this link and follow the prompts for the "detect product" option

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Thank you so much! This is very helpful and detailed. :)


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