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Laptop released by Dell in 2005, features a 15.4" display and Intel Centrino processor.

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No bootable device it is not detecting the hdd?

The old hdd stopped working so we decided to change it to another one but now it will not reconginze it. It says to press F1 because there are no bootable devices. The hdd is brand new so I know its not the hard drive also because I tested it on other computers and it works. Could it be the motherboard and if so can it be repaired? In advance thanks for your suggestions.

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First access the BIOS using the F2 key for the Dell Inspiron 6000. See if it recognizes your and assuming you have one, the CD drive. Try to set the HDD as first boot device CD drive as second. . Save and exit. The Inspiron 6000 is subject to the 48bit LBA limitation so it will only see the first 137GB of any drive installed. You did not tell us what drive you have, so if it is larger than that, use a program like fdisk to make multiple partitions that do not exceed that size. Of course if you are using windows XP, you must have it on either CD or USB, most common is the CD version ;-)

Start your computer with the Windows CD and run the installation. I do believe that windows will also give you the options to partition your drive, so you will not have to use fdisk. This should install windows as well as partition your drive. The other issue here is that the Inspiron drive connector is a first generation IDE so make sure that your new HDD is compatible with that. Hope this helps, if not let me know and we can try to further help you.

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I installed a 80gb =) and I did try the sequence you mentioned of putting the hdd first and saved the settings but it still says no bootable devices strike F1 to retry boot. Thanks all your suggestions are deeply appreciated hopefully its something fixable?


and it is an IDE drive? Not meant to be insulting or anything, just to make sure...


no thats ok.... yes it is an IDE drive and in the bios I can see that the computer is detecting the 80gb hdd but it still says no bootable device


which OS did you install? If your BIOS sees it, it is there. Now it is just a matter of trying to install your OS to make it bootable.


I got it. I don't know what it really was because I had another computer just like it so I installed the HDD of that computer into it and it read the HDD so then I installed everything to the new HDD from the other computer and then put it into the "non working one" and it did work like that so I don't know exactly what it was. The CD/DVD drive is not working so I don't know if that had something to do with it since it was not reading the disc to install anything but that I found out after it was working. Thank you so much for your help.


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