Ice maker On and Fridge Off lithts are blinking.

Hi All,

I have problem with my Samsung RT18M fridge (it’s type B with no ice maker installed). The two indicators of ICE MAKER ON and Fridge OFF are blinking after plugged in the power.

I turned off bottom fridge and switched top freezer into fridge for a couple hours.

I unplugged the fridge, removed everything in it, disassembled the doors, did cleaning , then moved upstairs.

I got this problem after I assembled the doors back and plugged into the power.

  1. the two lights keep blinking.
  2. no reaction when pressing the buttons except the Sabbath Mode.
  3. It will beep when leaving the door open,
  4. Compressor is working. Top freezer temperature is maintained arount 2-3

°C (it’s like in Fridge mode) and Bottom Fridge is about 13 °C (it’s like in OFF mode).

  1. The inverter light is on when the compressor is running. So assuming the inverter board is good.
  2. Contacted Samsung customer service, tried unplugged the power, disconnected the circuit board connectors, etc. none of them worked.


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