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Interchangeable wifi antenna with other models?

So this is the first time I’m asking a question here, so please forgive my amateur self.

My question may sound strange but I still wish to have an answer to it if possible.

I have 2 iPhones, an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4S.

Both devices are used, gifts I gotten from people who didn’t need them anymore.

Neither are refurbished as far as I know so the original parts are still present inside.

The 4S has a bothersome issue where the wifi fails me; it will randomly shut off connection and only randomly comes back on after a while… or not at all for hours on end.

Resetting the device and troubleshooting it in the habitual ways described on multiple websites resolves it 2/10 times (and when it does it’s only temporarily) and I have found no permanent solution at all obviously.

Often when trying methods such as hard resetting the device I end up with the wifi ‘grayed out’ upon checking the settings, making it inaccessible.

Multiple hard resets are then necessary to reactivate/un-gray the wifi logo.

This issue also seems to extend itself to the bluetooth aspect of the device but since I don’t use that feature for anything it doesn’t bother me as much as the wifi not working properly.

Now, I believe it might just be a faulty wifi antenna and that replacing it might resolve this issue once and for all.

However, since I also have an iPhone 3G with a functioning wifi, I was thinking, “Could I remove the wifi antenna of the 3G and put it in the 4S? Are the compatible?.

So now I ask that question to you good folks: Is it possible to remove the wifi antenna of an iPhone 3G and install it in the 4S and make it work?

Or will I have to actually get a replacement wifi antenna?

Again, I know this may be a strange question, given that these phones are of different generations and shape, but I was hoping someone might have an idea and if it would be doable for an amateur like myself.

Thank you in advance for the replies.


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No, the parts are not interchangeable

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I had a feeling but I wanted to be absolutely sure.

Thank you kindly for your reply.



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